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Nov 23rd
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The Greatest American Holiday

Dr. J.T. ParishThe first New England Thanksgiving celebrated by the pilgrim colonists of Massachusetts gave us many of our Thanksgiving traditions. Governor Bradford decreed a three day feast in July 1621. The women made journey cake, corn bread, and succotash. The Indians brought wild turkey and deer. Then on July 30, 1623 the Governor decreed a special day of prayer as well as celebration.

During the Revolutionary War there were 8 special days set aside for thanks for victories and deliverance from dangers. President George Washington set November 26, 1789, as a Day of Thanks in the young nation. By 1830 the state of New York had an official Thanksgiving Day. Mrs. Sarah Joseph Hale, editor of Godey’s Ladye’ Book, worked 30 years promoting a National Thanksgiving Day.

The Optimist vs. The Pessimist

Dr. J.T. ParishTwo farmers were neighbors, one was an optimist, the other was a pessimist. The optimist said, “Its is a beautiful, warm, summer day.” The pessimist replied, “Yes, the sun will probably scorch the crops.” On another day the optimist said, “God is so good to give this nice rain for our crops.” The pessimist answered, “But if it doesn’t stop raining soon, all our crops will be drowned.”

Finally the optimist had trained his dog to do unusual tricks, and he invited his neighbors to go duck hunting wih him. The optimist shot a duck and it fell into the water. The dog walked across the water to retrieve the duck. The pessimist said, “He can’t swim, can he?” both men saw the same situation, but their analysis of the situation was very different. One saw the positive, the other only saw the negative.

Forgiveness Will Set You Free

Dr. J.T. ParishUnforgiveness makes us miserable, hinders our prayers, blocks our own forgiveness, leads to a root of bitterness that defiles many, especially those closest to us. Forgiveness frees us from bondage, frees others, enhances our prayer life, and results in peace and joy that goes beyond description. Why do we find it so hard to forgive?

Pride is the main problem. Usually we are blind to the fact that it is our pride that keeps us from either asking for forgiveness or giving forgiveness to others. Excuses are often given for holding unforgiveness. “But they did do me wrong and if I forgave I would be condoning their wrong.” No, your forgiveness is not an approval of their wrong. Your forgiveness keeps them from continuing to hurt you. Your unforgiveness is doing you much more damage than it is to the person you won’t forgive.

Temporary or Eternal?

Dr. J.T. ParishEvangelist Billy Graham who is now in his middle 90s was asked what was the greatest surprise he found in his lifetime. Mr. Graham answered “The brevity of life.” Indeed our earthly existence is brief. It is less than a drop of water to the Pacific Ocean in comparison to eternity.

The Bible compares our life to grass that grows up one day and is shortly withered. Again the Scriptures tell us our life is like a wisp of smoke that the wind blows away. Yet, what we do in this brief span of time we have on earth affects us for eternity if we receive Jesus and His finished work on the cross, we receive eternal life and a forever life in Heaven. If we ignore Jesus and reject His gift of Grace, we will still spend an eternity – but it will be an eternity in the torment of Hell.

The Book

Dr. J.T. ParishSir Walter Scott was on his death bed when he said, “Bring me the book.” One of his attendants, knowing he was a prolific author, asked, “Which book?” he answered, “THE Book – The Bible!” The Bible is indeed THE Book! It has been the best seller in the world year after year for decades, and for very good reason.

In the pages of THE Book we find the answers to the deep mysteries of life.

Good Advice

Dr. J.T. ParishA man offered this good advice; “never mud wrestle with a pig. You will get mud all over you and the pig will enjoy it.” In other words, don’t stoop to the level of evil or contentious people. Scripture teaches us to not return evil for evil, but to overcome evil with good.

The kingdom of darkness and evil has 3 characteristics:
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