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Oct 25th
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Worship Center

Pathway Baptist Church Hosts Greg Buchanan, world class Harpist October 26, 2014, 6:00 p.m.

gregbuchananPathway Baptist Church at 229 W. 5th Ave., Calvert City, KY invites  you to come and hear Greg Buchanan on Sunday, October 26, 6:00 p.m.

Greg is a world-class harpist whose aggressive style of playing redefines the listener’s concept of harp performance.  His ministry has been a mainstay in America’s churches for twenty-seven years.  Greg’s innovative style draws the listener into the very presence of our Lord, from tender worship to foot tapping, hand clapping, jazz-styled praise.

Carry Fire In Your Lap?

Dr. J.T. ParishFire can be good or bad depending on where it is and how it is used. Fire in the furnace can be used to heat the entire house. Fire in the stove can be used to cook your meals. There are many other constructive and good things that may result from fire being used the right way. However, fire in the walls will destroy the house. Fire in the woods may burn over areas of land and destroy all houses and other structures in its path.

A Failure?

Dr. J.T. ParishEverybody knows Babe Ruth was famous for his home runs. He hit 714. Most people don’t know he also struck out 1,330 times. He proved the old adage, “Anyone who swings the bat is a dangerous hitter.” Think about this – if Ruth had become discouraged and quit just because he struck out so often, we would never have heard of him. Think about the opportunities for success that you and I miss when we don’t even try or quit too quick.

The Standard

Dr. J.T. ParishA little boy said to his father, “I am nine feet tall.” His father picked up the yard stick, measured the boy and found he was three feet tall. The little boy replied “But I have already measured by my yard stick.” The little boy is not alone. Many people want to measure themselves by their own standards. They want to decide what they think is right or wrong, even to the point of declaring what they think God should or should not do. Some say that because God is love then Hell could not exist.

Runnin’ Skippin’ & Smilin’

Austin Johnson

My wife and I walked into Subway the other day and noticed a mother who we knew and so we started to have a conversation. As we were talking to this mother her 7 year old son came runnin’, skippin’, and smilin’ out of the bathroom. He skipped on over to his mother and stood in front of her smilin’ from ear to ear. It was so contagious! I said to this 7 year old boy, “That has to have been the happiest post-bathroom trip I have ever seen!” His mother smiled and laughed (probably because I have a small filter and said the first thing that came to my mind). But she responded with something that has stuck with me. She said, “He lives his life quite optimistically.” Profound—and by the way he was smilin’ and skippin’ he obviously lives his life quite joyously as well.


Dr. J.T. ParishThe key to traveling by automobile is to stay in the road. Stay out of the ditches. And there is a ditch on both sides of the road. That same principle is important in many issues of life. Several years ago we began to read and understand more about faith. It was wonderful. Faith is how we receive Christ as our Savior. Faith believes the promises of God, and it is by Faith we get our prayers answered.

Yet problems arose around the message of Faith. The problem wasn’t that Faith was over emphasized. The problems arose when some folks went beyond Biblical Teaching. They went into the side ditch of presumption. Faith will get your prayers answered. Presumption will get a knot on your head. They look a lot alike but there is a world of difference between Faith and presumption. Faith stands squarely upon the promises in God’s Word. Presumption goes beyond the Word.
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