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Feb 28th
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Worship Center

What is God Like?

Dr. J.T. ParishA preacher was asked by a homeless street person, ‘What is God like?” The preacher answered, “He is like a father.” The homeless man angrily replied, “Then you can keep Him if He is like my no good father!” A five year old girl asked her dad, “What does God look like?” he wisely answered, “He looks like Jesus.” That is a good answer.

Phillip, one of the twelve disciples, said to Jesus, “Show us the Father.” Jesus answered, “He that has seen me has seen the Father.” The Bible says, “God is love.” Love is His very nature and He expresses it to us in so many ways.

'A Somewhat Slanted Look at the History of the Christian Church' Part lX - by Tom Hiter

churchThe Church in History, Part lX
By: Dr. T. Y. Hiter
This series of columns is titled: "The History of the Christian Church."

What does it take to make a Christian?  That was a question that was widely debated in the very early Church.  That is to say, before the Roman Emperor Constantine called all the Church leadership together and worked out a common faith at the Council of Nicaea in 325.  Prior to that time (and for some time afterwards, truth be told), there was a very wide range of religious belief that was called “Christian”.  One of these was “Arian” Christianity.  We’ll come back to that because that’s what the Council was called to resolve.


paulaharringtonI had a friend tell me once that she couldn't be a part of a church because she had made too many mistakes. Her life was a mess. She wouldn't dare walk in the door and be with all those perfect people.  She laughed when she said that the ceiling might actually cave. Have you ever heard anything like that? Maybe you've even said or thought something similar. Shame is great about keeping us from God but God is so much greater than the negative words we tell ourselves.

Our Heavenly Father is no stranger to scandal. He even begins the Gospels by listing some of the most controversial women and situations in the entire Bible (Matthew 1). Tamar, Rahab, Bathsheba, Ruth and Mary aren't what you would think of when you think of stereotypical church ladies.  They were known for seduction, adultery, prostitution, and suspected fornication.  Rahab and Ruth spent the first part of their lives worshiping false gods. These are the stories you sweep under the rug or tuck neatly away in a closet. Most wouldn't lay them out on the table at the beginning of the lineage of the Savior but God did. I love the fact that he didn't want to hide them.

'A Somewhat Slanted Look at the History of the Christian Church' Part Vlll - by Tom Hiter

churchThe Church in History, Part VIIl
By: Dr. T. Y. Hiter
This series of columns is titled: "The History of the Christian Church."

Like many of the later Roman Emperors, Constantine was not Italian.  In fact, he wasn’t even “Roman” except technically.  He was arguably British.  How he became Emperor of Rome and head of the Christian Church makes a wonderful story.

A Happy Home

Dr. J.T. ParishA little girl fell out of bed. She explained to her parents, “I fell asleep too close to where I got in!” when you stop to think about it, that could explain why people fall out of a lot of things. We hear people rationalize divorce by saying, “I fell out of love.” The concept of falling in and out of love is promoted by Hollywood, but is far from the Biblical description of love.

Love is giving, best described in the well-known scripture, John 3:16. “God so loved the world that He GAVE…” Love will grow if it is fed with words and deeds of kindness. Love is a choice. It is more than a feeling. “Falling in love” sounds like you have no choice. It reminds me of falling in a ditch. I was walking along minding my own business – and I just fell in – no fault of my own.

The Masterpiece

paulaharringtonWe did this project in Bible class recently. I showed the kids this picture and asked if they saw anything special about it. They looked closely but were still unsure. I encouraged them to not look at the design, but at the lines. There you’ll see that each line is a letter in the name of Jesus. Once we saw it, we couldn't wait to make one of our own.

We folded the paper several times until we got it into a small, single triangle and then we wrote our name. Then we transferred our name into every triangle. One at a time. That got crazy because in every other space, our name was upset down. And let me tell you, it was nerve-wracking.

Sometimes the lines didn’t line up like they were supposed to. Sometimes the lines were too curved. Sometimes we lost our place. We got aggravated and some of us wanted to call it quits. We just couldn’t believe that something so beautiful could be so difficult.
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