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Mar 01st
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Marshall County Needline presents 15th year of lights at Mike Miller Park

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Speaking on behalf of Opal Lane residents, Henry Lockett appeared before the Fiscal Court with checks hoping to begin the process of paving the road.BENTON - Meeting in regular session on Tuesday, November 20, the Marshall County Fiscal Court heard from several guests, including Becky Cornwell with the Marshall County Needline and Paul Cathey who originated the light show that has now been held at Mike Miller Park for 13 years.

Henry Lockett
Henry Lockett, an Opal Lane resident, appeared before the court with checks totaling $110,769.24 for the court from all but two residents on Opal Lane, to pay the county to pave their road and bring it up to county standards.
The cost for the road was estimated at $120,000. "We are $9,230.77 short with the expectation of that possibly coming in", Lockett said.
One property is currently up for sale with the residents willing to pay towards paving the road once the house sells and the other resident cannot afford the amount needed.
Discussions arose about  the possibility of placing a lien on the two properties and County Attorney Jeff Edwards said, "Without creating a taxing district, you can't put a lien on someones property unless they agree to it".
Paving cannot take place until spring, but preparations can begin now as soon as an agreement is in place. Edwards said that regardless of what decisions are made, the formal process should begin to accept the petition and the date for a public hearing was set for December 18 at 11:00 a.m.

Sissy Wommack
Sissy Wommack, a local realtor, has a property listing on Samuel Drive in the Palma area. The road was built to specifications but never taken over by the county. The road is in compliance and Wommack is requesting that it be accepted into the county road system. A public hearing was set for December 18 at 1:30.

Josh Tubbs
The Wacker Chemical Plant expansion economic development bond in the amount of $170,000 has to go through local government as jobs are created. Should Wacker not go forward with the expansion, the $170,000 remains with the county to be used for economic development. The court approved the administration of the funds.

Becky Cornwell and Paul Cathey
Paul Cathey began the Christmas lights display for Marshall County Needline from his home 15 years ago and for the past 13 years, the display has been held at Mike Miller Park. The first year in the park, the display was held for just 10 nights raising $3,694 and collected 1,827 food items.
"Last year just really topped it all", Cornwell said, worried that the economy might affect what was raised for Needline. In 2012 Needline collected $50,842 and 30,768 foot items with 32,386 vehicles driving through the park to enjoy the lights.
"Needline could not exist without this", Cornwell said.
To date, since 2000, $398,956 in funds and 242,736 food items have been collected during the park's light celebration.
"I look at these figures and it's almost hard to believe", Cathey said. "I'm proud of what I started".

Ray Langston
Ray Langston reported on the Draffenville Lions Club charitable donations which have helped Needline, Marcella's Kitchen, the Telethon, Exceptional Center, Sheriff's Boy's and Girl's Ranch, Rescue Squad, Coats for Kids, Toys for Tots as well as donations for fire victims, flood and tornado victims, fan donations and eye glasses. The Lions Club holds bingo twice a month to raise funds for these charities with their motto "We Serve".

Tom Lyons
Tom Lyons is a former employee of the Henderson County Sheriff's Department and came before the court requesting to be considered for the District 2 constable position. Lyons wishes to be appointed constable for visibility purposes only and has no intentions of patrolling the streets. Larry Helcamp, owner of Southern Comfort, spoke on behalf of Lyons recommending him highly for the constable position. A decision was tabled and will be made at the next court meeting on December 18.

Work-Ready Community Certification
In an effort to be more competitive in economic development, Josh Tubbs encouraged the court that the county should work towards this certification that many communities across the state are implementing. The certification would help to attract companies to Marshall County.
"A committee needs to be formed for the in-depth process to begin, that will be worth our while", Tubbs said. A meeting is scheduled for December 12 at 10:00 a.m.

Department of Corrections
The department inspects jails at least twice a year and the Marshall County Jail and Detention Center was inspected on March 7 and November 7 and the report found no items of non-compliance.

Chamber of Commerce
Preparations for the annual dinner are under way which will be held in January. The Chamber asked the court to once again sponsor the annual dinner with a $500 Silver sponsorship. The court voted to approve the sponsorship.

Kentucky Emergency Management
The Commonwealth Hazardous Mitigation Plan is being updated and is required by the state. Kentucky is designated by FEMA as one of 10 states with enhanced plans. This designation provides the Commonwealth with an additional five percent funding as compared to non-enhanced state programs. Since 2008 over  $170 million in FEMA mitigation funds have been distributed across Kentucky.

Old Business
County Electrical Inspector
The state requires that the status of Larry "Cat" Spears as a county employee be submitted in writing as a formality to the state as required for state certified electrical inspectors.

UK Mobile Dental Clinic
As discussed in previous Fiscal Court meetings, expenses of $10,000 is due to the UK Mobile Dental Clinic. County Treasurer Emily Martin reported to the court areas in which funds can be pulled from to pay the bill and still stay within the county budget. The Marshall County Health Department was to pay the previous year's bill and the Fiscal Court to pay next year's bill, but due to a Memorandum of Agreement not received by the clinic, the Fiscal Court will pay the outstanding bill. The clinic told the Health Department that an agreement is required but the court has no found where the county has ever been required to have a Memorandum of Agreement.

Executive Session
Florence and Hutchinson, the consulting engineers on the widening of the highway from CVS to the parkway in Benton, will need some right-away from the county. Most will be temporary but one area they are offering to purchase. Plans are for sidewalks on both sides of the road as far as Wal-Mart. Consideration will be taken of the offer before the next court meeting on December 18.

Assistant Animal Warden
The court is reviewing several applications for the Assistant Animal Warden position and a decision will be made at the next court meeting.

New Business 
Animal Shelter Report
As of September 30, 2012, 79 animals were in the pen. Forty-six were brought in by wardens, 42 brought in by citizens for a total of 88 animals. Adopted out were 102, six in foster care, 10 reclaimed and six euthanized bringing the total in the pen as of October 31, 2012 at 55. Donations of $2,776.44 were received, $1,507 in adoption fees, for a total of $4,346.44.

Bear Creek Day Use Park
A requested was received by the court for the installation of a security light at the park as well as changes that need to be made to the boat ramp and dock by turning the ramp so it will accommodate more than one boat to unload and load. The cost of $1,900 to make the changes was approved.

Dickens Christmas on the Square
The festival and parade begins at 4:30 on December 8 with the Lighting of the Green following by the Marshall County High School Choir. The parade begins at 5:15 followed by many other activities around the court square.












Fiscal Court Proceedings

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There was no Fiscal Court meeting on Feb 3.
Short Session on Feb 17 with no video available.

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The Marshall County Sheriff's Office will accept bids for an SUV. The bids will be accepted beginning immediately and will be taken until March 4th at 4:30pm.
The bid specifications are
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Left hand spotlight
Keyless entry
Pre-wired emergency equipment harness
Remote engine start
White with black interior
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Bids must be delivered in writing to Marshall County Sheriff's Office 52 Judicial Drive Benton, KY 42025. ATTN: Sheriff K. Byars.

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