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Mar 31st
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Safe Schools Week and Love Light Tree Proclamations signed, election day court meeting moved

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Marshall County High School students Savana Smothers (left) and Alyssa Barnard, from the Leadership Dynamics class, watch as Judge Mike Miller signs the Safe Schools Week Proclamation.BENTON - Special guests were on hand at the Marshall County Fiscal Court meeting Tuesday, October 23rd including students from the Marshall County High School Leadership class and the Marshall County Ladies Hospital Auxiliary. The date for the first meeting in November was moved to Wednesday, November 7th due to election day on Tuesday, November 6th.

MCHS Leadership Class
Savana Smothers and Alyssa Barnard presented the court with a Proclamation for Safe Schools Week. Judge Mike Miller read the Proclamation that said, excellence in schools requires a peaceful and safe setting for it's students. The observance of Safe Schools Week encourages students, educators and members of the community to realize everyone needs to do their part to stop bullying by being part of the cure. October 21-27, 2012 is proclaimed Safe Schools Week in Marshall County.

Ladies Hospital Auxiliary
Several ladies with the Marshall County Hospital Auxiliary presented the court with a Love Light Tree Proclamation, a yearly tradition in Marshall County. The Auxiliary purchases many needed items for Marshall County Hospital as well as provide a $500 scholarship to a Marshall County High School graduate going into the medical field. The Love Light Tree honors those living or deceased with a light on the tree. Monday, December 3, 2012 is proclaimed Love Light Tree Day in Marshall County. There will be an Open House at Marshall County Hospital from 8:00-4:00 that day with refreshments, then at 5:30 they will light the Love Light Tree. 

Melissa Combs, Emergency Management Director
The vehicle used to transport the Safety House that is used throughout the community to educate children on fire prevention needs to be replaced with a new vehicle better equipped to transport that unit. Combs asked the court for permission to surplus the 1989 Chevrolet that was being used and use the funds to do work on the decals on the safety trailer. The request was approved.

North Marshall Water District
In a unanimous vote, the North Marshall Water District approved a pay raise for Superintendent Bobby Gifford based on his efforts, focus and exceptional working in guiding the district. The court approved a $3,500 annual pay raise which will bring his annual salary to $42,000 plus benefits.

Energy and Environment Cabinet
The Kentucky Division for Air Quality recently responded to a citizen complaint of a home being burned down for disposal on Lynn Nelson Road in Benton. The owner said he had received approval from the City of Benton but the cabinet said the open burning was a violation and is not allowed under any circumstances. The cabinet wanted the court to be aware of the violation and the penalties that could be incurred in cases like this. Certain criteria needs to be met before a structure can be burned down. Melissa Combs stated that they had not been made aware of this particular situation but have been educating the public on the hazards of illegal burning.

Old Business
Opal Lane
Commissioner Terry Anderson met again with the residents of Opal Lane, who want to raise funds needed to bring their road up to county standards. The residents have expressed an interest in raising the funds themselves as opposed to forming a Special Taxing District.

Sanitation District #2
Royce Templeton was recommended to fill a vacancy on the Sanitation District #2 board which was approved by the court.

Gary Vander Boegh, Commonwealth Environmental Services
Mr. Vander Boegh appeared before the court again encouraging them to approve a resolution in support of a congressional investigation over workers compensation from Paducah's Gaseous Diffusion Plant. Vander Boegh lobbies for the just treatment of workers from occupational related illnesses. Vander Boegh, a self-proclaimed "whistle blower" who worked at the plant for 14 years, reported to the court about difficulties that Marshall County residents face in receiving their benefits. The McCracken County Fiscal Court passed the resolution and Vander Boegh is encouraging Marshall County to do the same.
Vander Boegh made accusations against members of Congressman Whittfield's staff saying that emails have been deleted and the office is paying those of certain party affiliations. "Congressman Whittfield's staff is working behind the scenes with the Department of Labor to insure that only select people, that maybe know someone, get paid", Vander Boegh said.
The commissioners would like to hear from claimants and parties involved in the accusations before making a decision on the resolution presented by Vander Boegh. Vander Boegh told the court what they will find is Whitfield and Paul's offices telling his clients, "If you terminate Gary's contract, we will help you get paid".
Any action on the resolution was tabled until the next court meeting.

New Business
Road Department
Russell York, Marshall County Road Superintendent, was authorized by the court of prepare a bid and advertise for a new sign truck.

Jail Vehicle
The court approved the request to prepare a bid for a new jail vehicle.

Tax Bills
The County Clerk's claim for preparing tax bills in the amount of $3,244.80 was approved for payment.

Motor Vehicle and Boat Bills
The Department of Revenue certified that the number of motor vehicles and boats for this county accounts for $41,426 as of January, 2012 for which the Fiscal Court is required to pay the County Clerk 15 cents which amounts to $6,213.90. The payment to the County Clerk was approved.

Halloween Curfew
In conjunction with Marshall County cites, the court set the Halloween curfew for the county on Wednesday, October 31st at 10:00 p.m.

Executive Session
A personnel issue was addressed that involves a county employee that has been on leave with out pay due to a drug conviction. During the Executive Session, the court agreed to terminate the employee.
Members of the Marshall County Ladies Hospital Auxiliary looked on as Judge Mike Miller signed the Love Light Tree Proclamation.



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