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Jan 28th
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Green Dot card scams move into the area, law enforcement warn local residents to use caution

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altCALVERT CITY - Police in Calvert City are warning that a new wave of scams, many already being reported in other areas around the country, are hitting the area.
Local residents have reported being contacted by a male speaker having a foreign voice who claims the victim owes money.
He then threatens the victim with arrest if the money is not paid immediately via a ‘Green Dot’ reloadable debit card.
The caller instructs the victim how to transfer the funds and provides necessary codes. Other residents report receiving calls from a male with the same described accent who is claiming to be from a coupon business requesting a similar type of money transfer.
Green Dots, now among the top selling pre-paid card options for consumers, have become a new favorite among scammers, replacing older wire-transfer frauds which have become more easily detectable.

Scammers across the nation are using the pre-paid scheme to defraud unknowing victims using several methods including bogus grant awards where a victim is notified that they have been awarded a grant and must pay a ‘broker’s fee.’
To add to the effectiveness of this con, the grant scam artists use legitimate checks from active verifiable bank accounts that have typically been stolen and/or forged. This delays detectability and gives the suspect ample time to collect without having payment to the victim flagged as fraudulent.
Other more heartless frauds have been reported where scammers report to be calling from a “Christian” business hoping to add additional credibility to their scheme. They often claim to be fundraising for a charitable cause or for the needy.
Law enforcement warn local residents there are several types of scams being reported at this time and ask that if you receive a similar call, that you report it immediately. Experts warn not to make payments over the phone to those making unsolicited calls.