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Jan 31st
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North Marshall water tower prepares for journey to new home in Mississippi

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North Marshall Water District tower is headed for MississippiDRAFFENVILLE - Residents who frequent US Hwy 68 at the Purchase Parkway may have noticed that the North Marshall Water District's water tower no longer stands in the air. Located adjacent to the old district office since the 1960s, the tank has been disassembled, sold and prepared for a move to it's new home in Columbus, Mississippi.
According to NMWD Manager, Bobby Gifford, "The cost of rehab for that tank and the fact that the elevation was not high enough after the Bethel and Moors tanks were built meant it basically sat there and did nothing. We had a engineer tell us the foundation was not safe so we removed it."

Gifford says a bid for tear down came in at $15,200 and the tank was sold for $10, essentially saving the Water District over $15,000. Plans are underway to replace the 50,000 gallon tank with 250,000 gallon tank at a cost of approximately $600,000. The new tank will be located in the Sharpe area and will be the same elevation as the newer tanks.
In the meantime, North Marshall Water customers continue to be served by three existing tanks and, according to a Water District staff member, should see no effect on their service.
watertank3 watertank4
watertank5 watertank6
Photos courtesy of the Water District and a video of the dis-assembly process is expected to be available soon on the Water District's website,