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Mar 29th
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Fiscal Court approves hiring of weekend Animal Shelter employee, bid opening for new county truck

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altBENTON - In regular session on September 18, 2012, the Marshall County Fiscal Court heard from guests Gary Vanderbough, representing nuclear workers of Marshall County and George Milam with the Marshall County Arts Commission. In Executive Session, the hiring of a part-time weekend employee of the Animal Shelter was discussed and a recommendation made.

Gary Vanderbough, Attorney
Mr. Vanderbough appeared before the court as representation of nuclear workers in Marshall County and throughout Western Kentucky and the U.S. Mr. Vanderbough represents the nuclear workers who have wrongfully been denied their claims and medical benefits. McCracken County Fiscal Court recently approved a resolution that will benefit the nuclear workers who have been denied and Mr. Vanderbough presented Judge Mike Miller with a press release thanking the McCracken County Fiscal Court for their unanimous decision in this matter. The resolution provides claims through the Department of Justice to make sure workers are not denied their claims. Mr. Vanderbough plans to come back for a work session with the court on a resolution.

George Milam, Marshall County Arts Commission
Mr. Milam thanked the court for allowing the Arts Commission the use of the court room space they have been using for their projects. They have recently moved to an available space at Benton Elementary School. Mr. Milam gave the court a review of the recent ground-breaking ceremony for the new Marshall County Arts building which is scheduled for construction to begin in the very near future.

Deborah Conway, Department of Energy and Environment Cabinet
In a letter to the Refuse Board, Conway stated that Lisa Evans met with the Refuse Board to discuss the implementation of the Marshall County Solid Waste Management Plan approved by the division on October 27, 2007. Marshall County is in compliance with it's 2008-2012 Solid Waste Management Plan. The participation rate for Marshall County is 99 percent which is above the state average of 86.9 percent. The county was commended for doing a good job on getting the holler regulated for 2011.

Tom Blankenship, Attorney
In a letter representing Mr. Gary Young of Phillips Road, Mr. Blankenship said that due to Mr. Young's current health problems he was unable to attend the September 18th Fiscal Court meeting to which he was invited by letter from Judge Mike Miller. Mr. Young wished to express his opposition to widening Phillips Road which is a dead end road. In the September 4th Fiscal Court meeting, Phillips Lane resident Dennis Dunn, expressed his concerns over the safety of the road due to right-away visual issues. Mr. Young plans to attend a future Fiscal Court meeting as soon as he is released to do so by his physician.

Old Business
Opal Lane
Residents of Opal Lane have expressed an interest in forming a Taxing District in order to bring their road up to current standards. The newly formed Taxing District will increase the tax Opal Lane residents pay for a period of 10 years for approximately $120,000. The court plans to meet with Opal Lane residents to discuss the possibility of setting up the special Taxing District.

Bid Opening
The Marshall County Road Department bid opening for a new county truck was conducted at the Fiscal Court meeting. Four bids were received with the low bid from Parker Ford in the amount of $26,228.99 with Leon Riley Ford just behind that with a bid of $26,690, $461.01 higher than the Parker Ford bid. The court voted to approve the second lowest bid by Leon Riley Ford justifying the motion due to the in-county location and more convenience of servicing. Other bids received were from Country Chevrolet in the amount of $28,875.96 and Parkway Chrysler in the amount of $33,144.

Budget Amendment
The second reading of Ordinance #2012-07 was approved by the court.

KACo Resolution
A resolution for the lease agreement with KACo (Kentucky Association of Counties) for the black top patcher the county will be purchasing from Equipment Marketing Company in the amount of $64,200 with trade-in was approved.

New Business
Sanitation District #1
The Sanitation District #1 end-of-year report was submitted to the court and is available for review.

Sanitation District #2
Due to the death of board member Mr.Tucker, there is a board seat that needs to be filled. Current board members are Randy Travis and Ray Barge. A business owner or resident of the Sanitation District #2 service area can serve as a board member.

The Sheriff's Department and County Clerk audits for the year ending 2011 are available for review.

Arts Commission
The first reading of Ordinance #2012-09 and Resolution for the Marshall County Arts Commission was read and approved, for the lease of the financing of the new building that will be constructed.

Animal Shelter
Reports for July and August were received from the Animal Shelter. For the month of July, 114 animals were taken in, 56 adopted, 8 reclaimed and 26 euthanized. In the pen at the end of July were 107 animals. For the month of August, 156 animals were taken in, 108 adopted, 64 euthanized and 86 in the pen as of August 31st.

Executive Session
Discussed in Executive Session was a personnel item at the Animal Shelter for the hiring of a part-time weekend employee for cleaning and feeding. The court acted on the recommendation to hire JoJo Hollis for this position.

October Court Dates
The October court dates have been moved to the second and fourth Tuesday of the month which will be October 9th and 23rd.


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